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Whitney Johnson (she/her)

Kore (she/her)

Whitney Johnson is a writer and performer who enjoys pushing the boundaries of form and media. You can hear her work in Kalila Stormfire’s Economical Magick Services, The Nuclear Solution, Take the Mass Pike, and Coven Cast, with exciting projects forthcoming. She’s currently cultivating her best queer sea witch life in the PNW with her Cat who doesn’t mind the friendship of crows. You can find her on Twitter @EditrixW.


Tau Zaman (they/them)

Hades (he/him)

Tau Zaman is the creator and showrunner of CARAVAN. They spend their little spare time fighting evil by moonlight, shimmying on the burlesque stage, and voice acting. You can find them on Twitter @TauZaman.


Denise Ding (she/her)

Demeter (she/her)

Denise, otherwise known in Voice Over as De Voice is a Canadian Voice Actor based in Vancouver who has had a deep desire to be in voice-acting since she learned how to read, despite her eventual studying of Biology and Kinesiology in University. Her credits currently include audio dramas, from Duggan Hill by Time Signal Productions, Abbadar Flint’s Lost Treasure and Hearts of Ice by Koala Bear Workshop, It’s Here by Adrian Weston, to a role in the independent video games The Fall 2: Unbound by Over the Moon Games (available on most 8th gen consoles and PC) and The Killer Gin (soon to be available on Steam). Full credits can be seen on her website.


Laura Russell (she/her)

Hekate (she/her)

Before Laura Ann Russell became an academic librarian, she spent time acting and modeling in the Los Angeles area. She was featured in the film Boiling Pot and some of her favorite previous stage roles include Titania in A Midsummer Night's Dream, Laura in The Glass Menagerie, Desdemona in Othello, and A Young Woman in Machinal. Laura studied music theater at Shenandoah Conservatory and Eastern Mennonite University before finally receiving her BA in Psychology from Sweet Briar College, where she also remained involved in theater and in the a cappella group, Sweet Tones. She is a proud mom to two little humans, a dog (Harley), and newly adopted cat (Diana). You can find her on Twitter @LauraAnnRussell.


Anjali Kunapaneni (she/her)

Nyx (she/her)

Anjali is a public policy and history student who went and got herself hooked on performance & storytelling - and now, she likes to think she’s a writer, voice actor, and artist. You can find her on Twitter @hereliesanjali.


Eleanor Grey (they/them)

Styx (they/them)

Eleanor Grey is a multidisciplinary artist with a particular interest in queer speculative fiction. Eleanor can usually be found on a footpath somewhere in the British countryside, listening to audio dramas and dreaming of the stars. You can find them on Twitter @spinningdust.


Bob Raymonda (he/they)

Kharon (he/him)

Bob Raymonda is the co-founder of the production company Rogue Dialogue, which released its first podcast, the science-fiction audio drama Windfall, in February of 2019. While they're primarily a writer/director, he's making his voice acting debut in Primordial Deep and Fireside Folktales. Learn more at:


Max Kasperek (they/them)

Hermes (they/he)

Max claims to reside in Western Pennsylvania, and assures us that they are "The real deal. Like the really real deal. The realist deal," and definitely not a "robot, clone, or simulacrum." Max can also be heard regularly on the D&D5e actual play Legends of Chel, and when not playing ttrpgs or recording lines, they seem to only exist as the twitter account @Esoteric90sIP.


Josh Rubino (he/him)

Zeus (he/him)

Josh is a Brooklyn-based voice and character actor who loves talking but hates writing about himself. In addition to playing the lead character of Hug House's Valence, Liam Alden, he’s been playing the characters you love to hate and is featured as the Demon Lord Baal in The Whisperforge’s CARAVAN as well as the nefarious Captain Root in Rogue Dialogue’s Windfall. He's incredibly delighted to add the jewel of Zeus to that villainous crown and looks forward to delivering a truly godlike performance. He can be found on Twitter @ProfCoppermane.


Kristington Plotkin (she/they)

Hera (she/her)

Kristington has too many ideas at all times, and currently runs Onology Audio. Previous projects include Tales of Passing Fantasy, Timm the Vampire, and Eye for an Eye. You can follow her @kristington.


Mark LEe (he/him)

Poseidon (he/him)

Hi! I'm Mark Lee, a voice-actor based in NYC and NJ. I'm super excited to be part of Whispering as Poseidon! I've always loved voice acting due to the large amounts of video games and cartoons consumed growing up. Some favorites of mine are Avatar: the Last Airbender and Metal Gear. Feel free to contact me at my website or at any of my social media handles! Twitter: @Mark_Is_Lee.


Jesse Nowack (he/him)

Ganymede (he/him)

Jesse "Nowacking" Nowack is a trans actor and writer who's been working in voice over for the last 12 years. He's known for voicing various characters in TeamFourStar projects, including Seras (Hellsing Ultimate Abridged) Huxley (Diesel Dust) and Red (Fist Master) and is known in the brony community for being the fan voice of both Vinyl Scratch and Little Pip. Jesse is an editor for TeamFourStar’s gaming channel and the YouTubers SaberSpark and JacksFilms. You can find him on Twitter @Nowacking.


Dallas Wheatley (they/he)

Hestia (she/her)

Dallas Wheatley is a voice actor, showrunner, and podcaster who has appeared on shows like Windfall, Let the Old Wives Tell It, The Final Game, Hometown, and Moonbase Theta, Out. Ey will be appearing on Space Ranger 421 (Theo) and White Vault: Iluka (Charlie Lord) . Ey also have a podcast called The Soap Opera, which is a wholesome, hopepunk soapmaking podcast, and wrote The Nuclear Solution, a Martha Stewart and Fallout inspired audio fiction podcast. You can learn more on their website

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