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Image by Annie Spratt

Kore (she/her)

Voiced by: Whitney Johnson (she/her)

Orientation: asexual biromantic

About: Olympian, Goddess of Cultivation, daughter of Demeter

Appearance: lilac skin, emerald green hair and eyes

Graveyard Crow

Hades (he/him)

Voiced by: Tau Zaman (they/them)

Orientation: demisexual

About: Cthonic, King of the Underworld, brother of Zeus and Poseidon

Appearance: deep red skin, gold eyes, black hair

Stalks of Wheat

Demeter (she/her)

Voiced by: DeVoice (she/her)

Orientation: heterosexual aromantic

About: Olympian, Goddess of the Harvest, mother of Kore

Appearance: light green skin, gold eyes, deep emerald hair

Image by Nikola Knezevic

Hekate (she/her)

Voiced by: Laura Anne Russell (she/her)

Orientation: bisexual

About: Cthonic, Goddess of Magick and Crossroads, daughter of the Titans Perses and Asteria

Appearance: indigo skin, light silver eyes, dark silver hair

Image by Denis Degioanni

Nyx (she/her)

Voiced by: Anjali Kunapaneni

Orientation: pansexual

About: Cthonic, Goddess of the Night, born of Chaos

Appearance: navy skin, white hair, pale blue eyes

Image by Marco Tjokro

Styx (they/them)

Voiced by: Eleanor Grey (they/them)

Orientation: asexual lesbian

About: Cthonic, Godx of Oaths and Promises, child of Tethys and Oceanus

Appearance: blue steel skin, purple/red eyes and hair

Image by Jake Ballard

Kharon (he/him)

Voiced by: Bob Raymonda (he/they)

Orientation: gay aromantic

About: Cthonic, Ferryman of the Dead

Appearance: pewter skin, gold hair, copper eyes

Image by Joshua J. Cotten

Hermes (they/he)

Voiced by: Max Kasperek (they/them)

Orientation: bisexual

About: Olympian, Godx of Trade, Travel, and Trickery, child of Zeus and the Pleiad Maia

Appearance: golden orange skin, blue to white ombre hair, dark blue eyes

Image by Michał Mancewicz

Zeus (he/him)

Voiced by: Josh Rubino (he/him)

Orientation: pansexual

About: Olympian, King of Olympus and the Gods, brother of Poseidon and Hades, husband of Hera

Appearance: yellow-white skin, stormy hair, blue eyes

Image by Ricardo Frantz

Hera (she/her)

Voiced by: Kristington Plotkin (they/she)

Orientation: heterosexual

About: Olympian, Goddess of Marriage and Family, daughter of Rhea and Kronos, wife of Zeus

Appearance: peacock blue/green skin, purple hair, green eyes

Image by James Eades

Poseidon (he/him)

Voiced by: Mark Lee (he/him)

Orientation: bisexual

About: Olympian, God of Horses and the Sea, brother of Zeus and Hades

Appearance: ocean blue skin, copper hair, green eyes

Image by Jeff Siepman

Ganymede (he/him)

Voiced by: Jesse Nowack (he/him)

Orientation: gay

About: Olympian, Cupbearer of the Gods, boyfriend of Zeus

Appearance: rose skin, gold eyes, wine hair

Image by Randy Fath

Hestia (she/they)

Voiced by: Dallas Wheatley (they/them)

Orientation: asexual aromantic

About: Olympian, Goddess of Home and Hearth, Flame-Keeper and Storyteller of the Gods, daughter of Rhea and Kronos

Appearance: orange skin, blue eyes, pale orange hair (braided and veiled)

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